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Holiday Fire Safety Tips

When the time arrives to spread love and enjoy the beautiful moments of the holiday season, people often forget to take safety measures. The attraction of the holiday celebration prevents them from thinking about possible damages from their decorations and preparations for the event. This leads to unexpected hazards in homes and offices.

This is why we have listed some important tips that you need to know to avoid any unwanted mishap. However, if something happens, you can contact the team at ServiceMaster Tacoma. We can help you restore your home and peace of mind.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Cooking and Baking

Of course, no celebration is complete without a feast. Make sure your family is taking safety precautions while making your holiday meal. Keep pets and children far from the kitchen. Put flammable items such as kitchen towels or grocery bags away from the oven and stove.

People usually keep items in the oven for baking and get busy with other tasks. This can be dangerous, as you can forget to turn it off. So it’s better to focus on meal preparation instead of multi-tasking. Clean the floor right after any spills to keep you from any unwanted disaster.

Christmas Trees and Lights

Overloading electrical circuits for Christmas lights or using cooking appliances can increase the risk of electrical outages and fires. Not to mention, it is the most common reason for Christmas tree fires. Be sure to inspect your lights before installation. Don’t use any lights strands that are noticeably damaged, worn, or frayed.

Avoid overloading any circuit. If you plan to use more than the average number of lights, use multiple circuits for different strands of light. Also, turn off the lights before going to bed and leaving the house to avoid fire damage. If possible, Install GCFIs to monitor the unbalance flow of electricity.


Lighting a fire in the fireplace is an important part of the holiday season. How could you survive the chilly nights of Christmas and Thanksgiving? However, it’s important to act responsibly and practice fire safety while maintaining a fireplace in your home.

Keep wrapped presents and clothing items at least three feet away from the fireplace. You can use a fire screen to prevent the logs and embers from escaping. Lastly, make sure you extinguish the fire completely before you go to bed.


Many winter holidays involve candles. They provide an immensely warm and peaceful atmosphere if you light them in other holiday celebrations. While they look appealing, candles can also be dangerous.

You need to keep the flammable items, including decorations and curtains, distant from them. Place your kinara, menorah, or candle on a non-flammable surface to collect the melting candle wax. Keep children under supervision in the presence of candles. Be sure to blow out the candles before leaving the room or going to bed.

Make sure to practice fire safety during the holiday season to keep you and your loved ones safe. These things can become a cause of fire incidents. If you face any issues, contact us at ServiceMaster Tacoma for fire damage restoration. It’s better to take help from experts rather than making the situation worse.


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