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DIY Fall Inspection Checklist

Fall has arrived! The cool weather is part of what makes tailgating, pumpkin carving and baking holiday treats so special. It might also be the breath of cool air you need after a hot summer. However, crisp air, wind and rain can also cause weather-related damage to your property. Before the sun is completely covered by grey clouds, prepare your home or commercial property for the cool months ahead with ServiceMaster of Tacoma’s DIY Fall Inspection Checklist.


  • Dust your vents and turn your heater on. If you see debris fall from your vents or smell a musky scent, consider scheduling a professional air duct cleaning. Ensuring your vents are clean can improve your indoor air quality.

Portable Heaters

  • Always watch portable heaters while in use to avoid a fire disaster.
  • Make sure your heater’s cord is in good condition. If it’s frayed, stop using immediately.
  • Set up your portable heater on a flat, stable surface like wood or tile floors.
  • While your heater is running, check the outlet and cord. If it’s hot to the touch, turn off your heater and consult an electrician.


  • Inspect your chimney for excess soot.
  • You should conduct a thorough chimney cleaning at least once per year depending on use. Call a professional chimney sweep to remove flammable soot.


  • Inspect areas that are prone to water leaks like bathrooms and laundry rooms. You might have to look behind appliances and observe them in use.
  • Consider wrapping exposed pipes with pipe insulation to prevent frozen pipes during the cooler seasons ahead. You’re most likely to find exposed pipes in your basement or attic.


  • If possible, break out your ladder to inspect your roof.
  • Look around the outside of your chimney to ensure the caulking is in good condition.
  • Replace missing shingles and fill cracks, especially around your chimney. Gaps in your roof will allow water to seep under your roof, often causing mold growth.


  • While you’re at it, take a look at your gutters.
  • Remove debris with a small shovel or plastic spatula.
  • Check downspouts to make sure they’re directed away from your home and toward a path that allows it to escape from your property.

Windows & Doors

  • Make sure all openings to your home can close securely. Inspect your windows and doors for gaps.
  • If you find gaps, seal with weather-stripping that can be found at your local home improvement store.

Lawn Mower

  • Remove leftover gas from your lawnmower either by mowing your lawn one last time or storing it in a gas canister.
  • Store your lawnmower in a shed, away from the elements.


  • Trim trees and other large greenery. Gusts of wind can sweep branches into windows causing extensive damage.
  • Disconnect, drain and store hoses.
  • Use outdoor faucet covers to prevent them from freezing in low temperatures.

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