Mold Removal can be Complicated
Mold removal in Tacoma by ServiceMaster of Tacoma

Everybody knows that when food is moldy, it’s no good anymore. But mold can appear on more than just old breads. It can show up in the inside and outside of your house, even if you’ve been keeping up with cleaning and maintenance. If you find a large patch of mold you can’t get rid of all is not lost! Unlike the bread, the affected part of your home may still be able to be saved. Quickly give us a call at ServiceMaster of Tacoma for mold removal in Tacoma for your home or business, and we’ll see that it’s restored back to normal.

Puzzled on how that mold got there?

Because mold is a microorganism, it can infiltrate tiny crevices in your home that may be too small to see. Since it’s so small, by the time you see it, that means a significant amount of it has accumulated in a single spot. But if you’ve been doing regular cleaning and sanitizing, why does it sometimes return? The answer might not be straightforward.

Mold is attracted to moist areas and tends to accumulate around wet sections of your home like in showers or near kitchen sinks. But sometimes it might gather in places that don’t make sense at first glance. One reason is because pipes can go throughout the house. Another is poor ventilation in wet or humid environments that don’t properly dry. And once the mold starts to assemble in a spot, it can be very difficult to kill on your own.

How do you get rid of that mold for good?

If you’ve ever dealt with mold in your home before, you may have noticed that sometimes after you spray cleaner on it and wipe it away, it somehow manages to return. This is because mold is a very resilient microbe. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve learned the best ways to take care of mold once and for all and our comprehensive process will make sure it won’t come back again.

Mold remediation Tacoma

  1. First, we thoroughly inspect your house to find where the mold is focused.
  2. Next, we check to see how deep the contamination goes and find the source.
  3. After finding the source, we test for species to identify the type of mold.
  4. Then we remove the existing mold with our special mold removal cleaners.
  5. Finally, we treat the entire affected area to make sure that it won’t return.

Need immediate assistance?

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Our restoration team can be there day or night

Unlike some restoration companies, we’re on-call for emergencies any time of the day. Whether you come home to moldy drywall a flooded house, or a burnt roof, we know that some crises can’t wait. We don’t take nights or holidays off from emergencies, and we’ll show up to help as quick as we can. So if you need our help, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call anytime and we’ll be there!