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Space Heater Safety Tips

A space heater is a necessity for homeowners in Tacoma during the winter months. Your heater will provide a comfortable source of warm air that you can bring around any part of your home.

Unfortunately, our team at ServiceMaster Tacoma has seen many instances where people don’t handle their space heaters properly. A space heater is a high-wattage appliance that can become deadly, as it can quickly cause fire damage if you aren’t careful. You could also burn yourself if you come in direct contact with a heater.

Our fire damage restoration team shared a few sensible space heater safety tips you can follow to keep yourself warm, and safe, this winter:

Setting Up Your Heater

Check your heater before you start using it to see it is safe. The cord and plug should not be frayed, and the physical build shouldn’t have any cracks. You can then use these steps after ensuring the heater is safe to use:

  • Provide enough room for the hot air to flow. Don’t keep your space heater in a cramped spot. You can maintain at least three feet of distance from the heater and other things in your room.
  • Keep the heater away from water. Water can cause an electric shock.
  • Never cover the space heater up with anything. Any obstructions over its vents could catch fire.
  • Avoid using extension cords with your heater, as they might not be as well-protected. Always use the cord that comes with your heater when plugging it into a wall outlet.

Running the Heater

The next few tips entail what you should do when running your space heater to prevent fire damage:

  • Be sure your heater has an automatic shutoff feature. The shutoff will stop the heater after a bit of time.
  • Don’t use your space heater for longer than necessary. You can use your heater a few minutes at a time and then turn it off for a while before starting it once more. The hot air that comes from your heater should flow through your room well enough and stick around for a while, making it unnecessary for you to keep it on all day.
  • Do not use the space heater for direct heat, whether it for warming linens, cooking foods, or thawing out other items. The space heater should provide supplemental heat and not work as a primary source of warmth.

Following these suggestions from our team, you can keep your family safe while extending the life of your space heater. ServiceMaster of Tacoma is proud to provide 24/7 emergency disaster restoration services to our neighbors. Contact us now for a quote. We’re ready to help!