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How to Prevent Commercial Water Damage at Your Facility

A leak in a commercial building can be costly. Commercial water damage not only creates an unsafe environment for staff and customers but can cause your business to close until the damage can be fully remediated.

Regular maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure that your business is never interrupted due to commercial water damage. To help you, ServiceMaster Tacoma has compiled a short guide to help you prevent water damage before it strikes.

Preventative Maintenance is Important

Regular maintenance is absolutely essential for keeping your business operational. By being proactive, you ensure that plumbing and other sources of water are dealt with before they turn into significant problems. Some general maintenance tips to keep in mind are:

  • Visually inspect pipes regularly. This includes faucets, toilet fixtures, and plumbing systems. Look for signs of moisture and leaking while water flows through the pipes.
  • Upgrade pipes, faucets, fittings, and any sources of water that seem old or malfunctioning. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a clog during a workday than replacing it entirely during the off-hours.
  • Ensure that your roof is intact and not leaking. Temporary patches can be a quick fix but plan on large-scale repairs in the near future if you discover a leak. Chances are if you have one leak, you probably have many others that you may or may not be able to see.
  • Pay attention to your water heater and any filtration systems you have installed. Commercial water heaters need regular maintenance to prevent leaks, system failures, and even explosions.

Prepare for Emergencies Before They Occur

Commercial water damage can occur at any time, so it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. The following are some general rules you can implement at your commercial property:

  • Make sure more than one person per shift knows how to shut off the water mains, gas, and electrical lines if a leak is discovered.
  • Have a professional company on hand to respond to your water damage at all hours.
  • Create an emergency contact sheet that is easily accessible for all employees within the building. This should include contact information for managers, technicians, utility companies, other tenants, and any other people you may need to reach in case of emergency.
  • Because electronics are sensitive to water, it’s important that data is protected with an external hard drive or a cloud-based system for backup. This ensures that you can get back to business without interruption.
  • If a leak is discovered, it’s important to block entry to and use of the area. Consider all forms of water dangerous, as a commercial business may be held liable for slips and falls until the water damage is resolved.

Call the Experts at ServiceMaster Tacoma

When disaster strikes, contact our professional restoration team. Our certified commercial water damage experts are familiars with all of the complexities surrounding water damage restoration. With our expertise, we’re ready to get your company back to normal in the shortest time frame possible. At your service 24/7, ServiceMaster Tacoma is your first choice for commercial water damage. Call us today to learn more!