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Fire Damage: Filing a Claim

Even the most cautious and prepared people sometimes experience firesIf you do find yourself suffering from some unfortunate fire damage, first call 911 (if they haven’t been called) and then, your insurance agent. The sooner your insurance is involved, the better. You could face negative consequences by delaying your insurance claim.

When you get in contact with your agent or adjuster, you will need to provide information, such as a list of your losses, living expenses post-fire, fire or police reports, and any repair estimates.

List of Losses:

Document everything from the beginning to the end of the loss. Try to make a list of everything lost in the fire, and take as many pictures as possible. Any visual documentation you can provide to your insurance company should make the claims process move smoothly.

Living Expenses:

If fire damage doesn’t allow you to live in your house, your insurance company may be able to provide you with temporary housing and assistance. Store receipts from hotel stays, restaurants, gas fill-ups, laundromats, and any costs associated with your fire loss.

Fire or Police Reports:

After the fire, get copies of the report from the fire department to report to your insurance company. Firefighters could have cut holes in your roof, broken down doors, or broken through windows to let heat and smoke escape. These damages may be covered by insurance. Also, if there are any police or hospital reports applicable to your loss, provide those as well.


Contact a fire damage restoration company such as ServiceMaster Restore to provide you with a scope and estimate that you can present to your insurance adjuster. Make sure that all of your contents have been evaluated and recorded before throwing anything away. You may be surprised at what can be restored by the proper professionals.

Throughout the process, keep in constant contact with your adjuster. If you need a professional opinion on fire damage at your home or business, don’t hesitate in contacting ServiceMaster of Tacoma. Remember, don’t wait to mitigate!