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DIY Mold Removal: When to contact a mold remediation specialist

Mold is everywhere.

Mold is a type of fungus that grows from tiny spores that float in the air. These spores can land and thrive wherever there is moisture. There’s a chance that there is currently some form of mold in your home right now! Some people are seemingly unaffected by mold, while others have severe sensitivity to mold. Mold can be invisible or visible, smelly or undetectable, and anywhere from black to white and everything in between for color. Some molds are more toxic and destructive than others. Because of all these things, we do not suggest trying to “clean” mold yourself. 

When it comes to determining what type of growth you have, you should hire a professional. This would be an “industrial hygienist” or an “environmental hygienist”. Their services often include: 

  • Mold inspection & testing 
  • Air quality testing 
  • Asbestos survey & analysis 
  • Lead testing & analysis 
  • And more. 

A certified mold inspector can then give you a recommended plan of action based on the scope and results. You can read up on common household molds but again, to know for sure, pursue the advice of a mold professional. 

If you aren’t scared off by mold and want to attempt to clean up a small mold job by yourself (think 5-10 square feet), you can use a mold removing cleaner to wipe down the surfaces. For any materials being removed, bag and contain the affected materials before moving them throughout your house and spreading it further. Check out this article for how one DIYer handles mold

Once again, we do not recommend taking mold removal into your hands, at least without consulting a professional first. There’s a chance of spreading a mysterious growth through your house and putting yourself and your family’s health at risk.  

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