Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Typically, we don’t think about water damage in the home until we have water damage in the home. 

In some situations, it isn’t preventable. The least we can do is reduce the risk of suffering from a water loss by checking on the most common sources of water damage: appliance leaks, broken pipes, water overflow, and sewer backup.

Water damage

You can count on ServiceMaster to help restore your home post water damage.

1. Appliance Leaks

Malfunctioning and/or clogged appliances often leads to leak. For example, even the smallest dishwasher leak can cause water damage. You can expect damaged cabinets, warped floors, and even mold damage. A rule of thumb is that if there is water where you can see it, there is likely water where you can’t. It’s best to clean up the water and any damage and replace or repair the faulty appliance. 

2. Broken Pipes

Tis’ the season for burst pipes! Sometimes, all it takes is freezing temperatures or a change in water pressure to force a pipe to burst. A hint towards a pipe that might be close to failure is simply searching for leaks and water damage. If you catch a pipe in this stage, you can repair it and prevent the mess of a burst pipe.

3. Water Overflow

Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of water damage in the home is simply a human error — leaving the faucet on. Water overflow, whether it’s from the sink, toilet, or tub, can wreck flooring, and even break through floors/ceilings. Preventing this seems simple enough, yet it happens every day. Keep an eye on running faucets and know how to turn off the water supply on the toilet. 

4. Sewer Backup

Sewer backups can be caused by severe storms or even tree roots blocking your house’s pipes. Both situations are fairly unpredictable, but you can have a sewer expert clean out your sewer line every other year.  It’s a good idea to discuss your homeowner policy’s coverage on water damage caused by sewer backups with your insurance agent. 


As mentioned, there’s only so much we can do to prevent a water loss and subsequent water damage in our home. When your home does suffer from water damage, call on ServiceMaster of Tacoma at 800-339-5720 to act quickly, mitigate the damage, and restore your home.