Before you make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and curl up by the fireplace this fall or winter, make sure that you take these precautionary measures in order to avoid a disastrous home fire:

1) Call your chimney sweep. Have your fireplace cleaned when necessary, ideally in late spring or early summer. 

2) Open the doors. Fireplace doors should be open when you’re burning a fire. 

3) Burn the right wood. A well-seasoned hardwood, like oak, produces less creosote, a flammable bi-product that builds up in fireplaces.  

4) Stack firewood near the back.  

5) Use a spark guard. It helps prevent sparks, and thus fires in your home. 

6) Keep a fire extinguisher handy, and never leave a fire unattended!

If you do suffer from a home fire, call the masters of disaster at ServiceMaster of Tacoma, (800)339-5720, to give you peace of mind and get things back to normal.