Why An Organized Garage Matters

Can any of us confidently and truthfully say that we have a clean and tidy garage? 

The garage easily becomes a place where we place things that we don’t want in our house, or don’t need on a regular basis. It seems so easy to shove, stuff, and stack things in the garage, which inevitably leads to a disorganized mess. What we often don’t think about in that moment is the safety hazards that we are presenting to ourselves and our families. Follow these tips to keep your garage and home safe! 

Make sure flammable items do not accidentally get put together, like gasoline, aerosol cans, alcohol, and so on. Even a small spark can cause the entire garage to go up in flames. 

Old chemical bottles can leak and mix, creating toxic fumes. Remember that paint thinner that’s been sitting on your shelf for the past 12 years? It’s probably a good time to dispose of that. These leaks can also make cleanup after a flood extremely dangerous. If you do have flammable things store in your garage, be mindful to keep them sealed and away from heat sources.  

Garbage clutter is also a safety hazard. Not only can you or a loved one trip, falling items can cause damage and bodily harm. 

Clearly, organizing your garage makes it safer and easier to use. Don’t know where to start? Start by sorting your things. You can group similar items together, such as gardening tools, sports gear, seasonal decor, and automotive tools. Ready to dispose of some items? Make three piles: recycle, toss, and donate. If you have questions on disposing of certain items, don’t hesitate in contacting your local dump. To organize your belongings, there are several solutions that you can use. Some things to consider are hanging wall storage, baskets, bins, hooks, racks, a workbench with a pegboard, cabinets, and shelving, including overhead shelving to keep less frequently used things out of the way.  

Ready, set, get organized!