What can I do to prevent mold in my kitchen?

Mold can become a serious issue in your home. Not only can it cause deep structural and even irreversible damage, but the other major issue with mold is the potential health hazards, leading to allergic reactions and respiratory infections. The best way to combat mold is to prevent it.  

Here are some tips to help prevent mold in your kitchen: 

1) Invest in a moisture meter. It can help find problem areas with ease. You can purchase a moisture meter from a hardware store at a reasonable price. 

2) Clear old food out of the refrigerator regularly. When in doubt, throw it out. 

3) Dry wet areas immediately. Mold only needs a couple days to grow. 

4) Turn on your exhaust fan when cooking. 

5) Check for leaks, drips, and other moisture problems. Check the kitchen sink and faucet and under the counter plumbing.  

6) Consistently empty small garbage cans, or use a large main garbage can that can be sealed to hold in the moisture.  

7) Cutting boards need to be washed between each use to remove all food residue. Wash your cutting boards with vinegar and let them dry to help prevent bacteria or mold buildups. 

8) Remove rugs, most kitchens have hard floors, which makes it tempting to throw down a rug. Unfortunately, they can trap moisture that will eventually lead to mold growth.