Preventing Mold in the Bathroom

Mold is one of those things, where you don’t think about it until it’s actually there… and when it’s there, it’s hard to get rid of. ServiceMaster might be the pros for getting rid of mold, but you can become a pro at preventing mold from growing in the first place.  

Follow these tips to keep your loo mold-free: 

1) Invest in a moisture meter. It will help you find problem areas with ease. 

2) Make sure the sink faucets are working properly. 

3) Check your toilet. Make sure your flushing system is working as intended and the bowl is properly caulked and doesn’t have any leaks. 

4) Check your bathtub and shower. Look for any signs of leaks and make sure that the tub is properly caulked.  

5) Be sure to use the exhaust fan when taking a shower. This will help prevent excess moisture from building up.  

6) Be sure to hang your towels so that they dry completely. 

7) Use a squeegee to wipe excess moisture off shower walls when you’re done showering, to avert moisture from accumulating.  

Is mold already an issue? Call ServiceMaster of Tacoma at (800)339-5720 to give you a fresh start to a mold-free bathroom.