Water Damage Federal Way

Water Damage

Water damage can quickly get deeper into the materials of a home’s structure, becoming more and more expensive to repair as it goes. The most important step is to evacuate the water quickly. ServiceMaster of Tacoma can generally be at your home or office starting the water removal within two to four hours from your call. We removal all excess water and begin a systematic drying process that focuses on mitigating further damage and restoring the structure and furnishings. If you have water damage in Federal Way, don’t hesitate. Call now and stop the damage from spreading.

What is the water damage restoration process?

  1. Emergency Response. When you call us, we put a technician on the job right away. We generally can get to you within two to four hours. Our service center is available 24/7, so we are here whenever you need us.
  2. Water Removal and Drying. This process involves the actual suction of water from carpeting, furniture, and other items, as well as the installation of powerful dryers to speed up the process. In this stage of the process we do daily inspections to make any adjustments as they are needed.
  3. Reinstallation and Cleaning. This step involves replacing items where they go and cleaning for mold, mildew, and odor when necessary. We use advance deodorizers and sanitizers to help bring the room back to normal.

Highest Standard Water Damage in Federal Way

The ServiceMaster of TWater Damage Federal Way WAacoma water restoration team has extensive experience handling water damage restoration. We handle hundreds of cases each year. It is this experience that allows us to quickly assess and plan the specific restoration necessary for your specific water damage. Every situation is different. Each home or business has a different level of water invasion and also has different materials impacted by the water. The targeted plan we implement for you will be unique to your needs, but will draw on a broad depth of expertise.

Our technicians take not only the room(s) into account, as a whole, but every specific item touched by water in that room. They have detailed knowledge of how specific materials react to exposure to water, how best to dry them, and what sanitizing agents can and cannot be used during the cleanup and deodorization process. They work diligently to keep your home and the items in it safe by mitigating damage wherever possible.

Leaving an area that has been saturated with water alone to dry out can be an invitation for mold and mildew, bad odor, and serious structural and material damage. The longer water sits, the stronger the chance these threats will set in.

Contact us immediately if you have water damage in Federal Way or the surrounding areas. Put our experts to work saving your home.

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